Sonntag, 2. März 2008
Spengler für Immobilienmakler
Nun ist Seth Godin sicherlich kein Oswald Spengler. Trotzdem darf man ihm dann und wann zuhören. Insbesondere muß man dies tun, wenn er sich über Immobilienmakler äußert.

Das hat er explizit getan... und zwar auf einer Veranstaltung eines der BIG PLAYER der USA, Keller Williams. Und seine Thesen zur Zukunft von Immobilienmaklern beschrieben. Dabei verweist er auch auf sein Buch the dip:

Here’s my best advice (everyone knows an agent or two, so feel free to forward this along else).

Plan A: You should quit selling real estate.
... Quit being an agent. Get a job doing something

Sollte sich allerdings jemand diesem wohlgemeintem Ratschlag verweigern, so

can consider Plan B... you can actually build assets that will pay off for the long run. I have two in mind:

The first is to become the expert in what you do. Which means micro-specialization.

Er führt hier den Gedanken der Spezialisierung ein: als Makler für Eigentumswohnungen in best. Stadtteilen oder für ein gesondertes Kundensegment.

As I wrote in The Dip, you’re either the best in the world (where ‘world’ can be a tiny slice of the environment) or you’re invisible.

This means being Draconian in your choices. No, you can’t also do a little of this or a little of that. (Hervorhebung durch den Herausgeber)Best in your world means burning your other bridges and obsessing.

Und er gibt ein einfaches Beispiel:

You become the source of information, the watercooler, the person to turn to. Of course, if you spend ten minutes on it and then move on, it'll fail. But, if you spent 30% of your time working on your page (building it, curating it, promoting it), what do you think would show up in Google searches?

Even better, what if you built a blog about your town, as good as any local paper, with high school sports and tax controversies and everything... don't you think the right people would read it? ...

The second asset to build is permission. It turns out according to the NAR) that 91% of all Realtors never contact the buyer or the seller of a home after the closing. Not once. Wow. Someone just spent a million dollars with you and you don’t bother to call or write?

... Earn the right to send them a newsletter or a regular update or a subscription to your blog. NOT to talk about what matters to you, but to give them information (real information, not just data) that matters to them.

The opportunity is to reinvent the way you interact with citizens, with prospects, with the mildly interested and with your past clients.

Nun ist die "Depression" unter den US-Maklern hauptsächlich auf die Immobilienkrise zurückzuführe, die vielen Immobilienmaklern bereits den Job gekostet hat und weiteren diesen Maklerjob kosten wird.

Kann man allerdings Tendenzen zur Marktbereinigung in Deutsch- land nicht erkennen ? Auch nicht den Hang zum "Gemischtwaren- makler", der "alles rund um die Immobilie" anbietet ? Godin behauptet

I'm betting, though, that the best of you will end up with a business model that will survive, thrive and prosper. Best time to start is right now.

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